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Apple needs another JOBS (10 Year Anniversary of Apple)


Today's post is about the tech giant Apple.Ever since the first iPhone went on sale in 2007 almost a decade ago the company's fortune has increased ten-fold in the past ten years.The reason for that being iPhone was a great product and in fact it was a revolution in the

Nostalgic Memories From Harvard


Recently Mark Zuckerberg gave his address at Harvard's 366th Commencement on May 25, 2017. Mark gave an outstanding and was worth to listen. Mark talked about purpose, employment, developing society and various other critical issues. Mark shares about his earlier time and during incorporating Facebook and also share ups and

6 Hilarious things only happens in Indian Traffic


The Traffic situations in India is very bad and is getting worse by each passing day. So today we would be talking about some tips not just to survive the Indian Traffic but conquer it like a boss.The list goes like this- 1)Always stay in the middle of the road-Yes for

Nokia is Back


Yes, finally all of our prayers have been answered.Nokia phones series 3, 5 and 6 are scheduled to release in India on June 13 as said by the company itself(HMD Global). Finally, Nokia has made a comeback in the Indian market after a long span of 4 years. The last product of Nokia in

Top 7 Best Youtube Channel for Knowledge

Today, Youtube has become a source of entertainment not only for adults but children. On Youtube, we get millions of video and documentary and stuff like that with various Youtube channels from AIB to Bruno Mars, It's fun and easy to use. In its millions of channels selection here are some

8 Weired Habits only Indian do on Facebook?


Facebook is the only social media platform with most active users in the World. We Indian are really different from people around the world. That's why we are everywhere in the World. You can find an Indian in every country, seriously. We Indian have a weird habit that we do

How to know how much youtubers earn?


We all know that we can earn money from Youtube videos. But the challenge every YouTuber faces are Views & Subscribers. Youtube is a platform where you can post a video of your choice and then need an Adsense account to get your earning. We know many popular YouTubers on

When Indian College Class Attendance Goes Wrong!

class attendance

We can't admit that college life is the best part of out life. Bunking classes, getting into relationships, night out, late night studies and much more, as I described in  College Hostel blog. Some College students changed the level of taking attendance in a college. What can be more fun