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Mark Zukerberg-Founder of Facebook


Bio Name-Mark Elliot Zuckerberg Born-May 14,1984 Net worth- $71.8 Billion Professional-CEO of Facebook Salary- $1 Spouse- Priscilla Chan Children-Max Mark Zuckerberg, the most famous personality in IT industry. We all knew that he founded Facebook at the age of 20 when we are just confused when to do in our life. The success story of Facebook will definitely give you

Top 7 Best Youtube Channel for Knowledge

Today, Youtube has become a source of entertainment not only for adults but children. On Youtube, we get millions of video and documentary and stuff like that with various Youtube channels from AIB to Bruno Mars, It's fun and easy to use. In its millions of channels selection here are some

8 Weired Habits only Indian do on Facebook?


Facebook is the only social media platform with most active users in the World. We Indian are really different from people around the world. That's why we are everywhere in the World. You can find an Indian in every country, seriously. We Indian have a weird habit that we do

How to know how much youtubers earn?


We all know that we can earn money from Youtube videos. But the challenge every YouTuber faces are Views & Subscribers. Youtube is a platform where you can post a video of your choice and then need an Adsense account to get your earning. We know many popular YouTubers on

Why it is important to remain fit today?


We all know being healthy is not an easy task especially if you are an Asian. Fitness is the only key to good health. If you are fat today don't loose hope as the word "Impossible" says "I m possible". It can change your life. You don't have to be

10 Interesting facts about India you need to know?


India is a great place with different culture, moderate climate, and festivals. India is the only country with most number of festivals and public holidays where Diwali is the most celebrated festival. It is celebrated not only in India but Indians living abroad also do. Even if you ask a

5 things you don’t know about UK(London)?


Great Britain has been already a great place to live in the world. That's why many Europeans migrate to UK. With full of benefits and peace around, everyone loves this place and the most loved place is the capital city London. The UK government spend a lot for their people to give