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The first and the last man I want to listen

20 March 1976 was the day when a legend opened his eyes for the first time on planet Earth. It was Chester Bennington the lead vocalist of Linkin Park a Rock Band.

I am sure everyone must have heard of Linkin Park and their songs. We all grew up listening to them. Their songs were an inspiration to us, like a ray of light on a wintery night. Filling us with motivation and strength to brave the problems of life.

And the person who made this Rock Band set apart from others was Chester. His no limits high pitch voice would run chills down our spines and all the hairs on our body would stand in appreciation of his talent. I still remember the day when I first heard their song “In the End” from the album “Hybrid Theory” I was a small 6 grade kid and right from that song I became a huge fan of Linkin Park and especially Chester because of his heart rendering voice. One song led to another and I ended up listening to every song on that album be it ”Numb” “Crawling” etc.  

There is something very special about his voice, it doesn’t matter if you know English or not but when you hear him sing you know he is a motivating you, filling your heart with ambitions and dreams.His voice is so empowering you won’t need any other motivation.

It is amazing to see that how a Rock Band emerged and captivated everyone’s hearts and souls in such a short span of time with their meaningful lyrics and rock solid sound accompanying it.It is everyone’s part in making a group effort successful but there is always one force that motivates and becomes the driving force of that group and an identity of it and that force, that identity of Linkin Park was Chester.

Two days ago we heard the saddest news of all times which shocked fans worldwide when Chester was found hanging by his housekeeper. It is said that he was battling substance abuse and alcohol addiction and all of this led to severe depression and resulted in him in ending his life.

In the end I can only say-

I’ve become so numb, I can’t feel you there
Become so tired, so much more aware
By becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you

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