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Mark Zukerberg-Founder of Facebook



Name-Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Born-May 14,1984

Net worth- $71.8 Billion

Professional-CEO of Facebook

Salary- $1

Spouse- Priscilla Chan


Mark Zuckerberg, the most famous personality in IT industry. We all knew that he founded Facebook at the age of 20 when we are just confused when to do in our life. The success story of Facebook will definitely give you a confidence and willingness to do attitude if you want to be an Entrepreneur. With an estimated worth of $71.8 Billion, he proved the world that age is just a number and sometimes you have to tackle the world all alone. He was the youngest Billionaire at his time.

Here are some fun facts you probably don’t know about him:-

  1. He was a bright student from childhood. His father used to teach him programming but he was so brilliant that his father had to hire a professional developer to teach him.
  2. He used to develop small games during his High school. He even created a media player Synapse for which Microsoft offered a handsome amount to him but instead, he gave it for free on the internet.
  3. Facebook was earlier known as Facemash where you were given two pictures and a have to decide which person is hotter. It went viral within a week and Harvard has to shut it down due to heavy traffic on the site.
  4. Everybody know’s that Facebook was not an idea of Mark but of 3 other people too. Mark stole their idea to build a website named Facebook for which Mark has to pay $65 million to his ex-classmates.
  5. Mark gets the lowest salary of $1 among the employees of Facebook as he says “I have earned enough for my life and don’t want more”.
  6. He is a Harvard Dropout and got his degree in 2017.
  7. Let’s have a look at Mark business card:-

If you like video, we have a video of Mark which will sum up everything for you.

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