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Apple needs another JOBS (10 Year Anniversary of Apple)


Today’s post is about the tech giant Apple.Ever since the first iPhone went on sale in 2007 almost a decade ago the company’s fortune has increased ten-fold in the past ten years.The reason for that being iPhone was a great product and in fact it was a revolution in the technology world.It was the world’s first proper smartphone that could send emails,do stuff that other phones couldn’t even think of.By launching the first iPhone Apple made its intentions very clear to the world as well as to its competition especially the market leader Nokia.A major reason for fall of Nokia was the Apple’s iPhone.

After the launch of the iPhone 3 and 3s, the public went berserk. The demand was explosive, everyone wanted to get their hands on the technical marvel created by Apple.The first year of sales saw 3.7 million devices sold worldwide.The iPhone was way ahead of its curve in every aspect be it tech or sales.It was the first smartphone to work on 3G bandwidth technology which made it faster than other phones.It could do things that people could only imagine in computers.                                       

Apple has been associated with impressive implications of imagination into the real world.It has always broken norms whether it be with the first personal computer or creating products that were stylish, that oozes elegance, that make you feel special.And the best part Apple was known to innovate and lead the market for others to follow.

But after the sad and surprise demise of the Tech Titan Steve Jobs, I feel that apple has lost on the innovation part.The recent iPhones like the 6s and 7+ aren’t a revolutionary product as marketed by the company.They are just successors with minor inside and outside changes.Earlier it was Apple which set new standards in technology and paved the path for others to follow.But after the launch of 6s, it was felt that Apple has started to follow the trends instead of setting one.

The recent iPhone 7+ is no different.Apart from the inclusion of jet black variant and airports(which are too expensive to lose and care)most of the tech in the phone is same as its predecessor 6s. Although the management(led by Tim Cook) is trying their best to sell the new phones through smart advertising it is going to help them survive for some more time.And this year the quarterly revenue of Apple is expected to fall for the first time in 10 years which is a big concern for everyone as iPhones sales accounts for 60% of the total revenue of Apple.

Verdict- Its high time that Apple needs to understand the need of innovating in the iPhone(they can’t sell the same thing by tagging it as different and amazingly new). Although they have been investing in some secret projects including Apple car, AR(argument reality) and other technology.Innovation will ensure that Apple stays in the Race or else it will lose a lot, whether it be revenue or market share

                                                                         “Apple” need another “JOBS”.

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