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When Half Girlfriend movie couldn’t satisfy the novel reader?


Half Girlfriend is an Indian romantic film based on the novel written by Chetan Bhagat. The movie was a good hit on box office with 10 crores (approx). The music was a big hit this year.The film released worldwide on 19 May 2017. The movie got a good review from the people who haven’t read the novel but let down the readers who knew the story. That’s why people say, novels are much better than a movie.

Here are some differences which movie failed to deliver:-

  1. The Letter Scene

The letter part in the novel has been narrated very deeply that can make anyone cry. This was the saddest part of the novel. If we talk about the movie,  it ruined this part.

2.Riya’s Death

The most awaited question “How does Madhav(Arjun) come to know that Riya(Shraddha) is still alive?” Most of you may not have thought of it. The reason is not given in the movie but Novel has. Actually, Madhav narrates the story to Chetan, and Chetan Bhagat realises that Riya is still alive and the Madhav go to New York in search for it.

    3. The basketball Trial

After the interview, when Madhav see Riya playing basketball and was losing the game. He directed her during the game not at the beginning as shown in the movie.

Overall the movie collected 120 crores worldwide. It was good with a rating:-

IMDB- 3.9/10

Times of India – 3/5

India Today – 1/5




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