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Top 7 Best Youtube Channel for Knowledge

Today, Youtube has become a source of entertainment not only for adults but children. On Youtube, we get millions of video and documentary and stuff like that with various Youtube channels from AIB to Bruno Mars, It’s fun and easy to use. In its millions of channels selection here are some great YouTube channels which you should
definitely, check out and subscribe:-

1. Kurzgesagt, in a nutshell

This channel provides great quality content with matters spanning from different forms of government to existential questions. These guys provide videos which are highly interactive and the information provided them is fact checked and they often collaborate with highly respected institutions. It provides videos in an animated format in which the viewers can also participate by helping them on patreon.

2. Now This

It’s a world news YouTube channel which provides fast and compact fact checked global news and facts to its viewers. They cover a vast array of topics from biology to politics to space etc. They even have a 360⁰ news channel called seeker360.

3. CGP Grey

This is a very simple YouTube channel with a lot of following in the science YouTubers (Yes, its thing). This channel provides brief yet great insight in many important matters may it be the U.K. election system or how the robots will soon take our jobs away. The channel is animated with simple stick figure animation videos.

4. Wisecrack

This YouTube channel is must for the nerds and everyone who has taken up social sciences. This channel is able to compress and explain the complex phenomenon and theories of social struggle and politics in simple short videos in language and detail with which even most teacher would be impressed. Its use of references and theories given by scholars in its video provides additional information and makes studying much easier and its display of animation in old RPG game format in the 8-bit philosophy section makes it’s retro and cool. This channel also provides commentary on the social and psychological aspects of the existing pop culture may it be movies, T.V. Shows or even animes, from Rick and Morty to Battlefield 1 these guys find the hidden meaning and everything and analyse it perfectly.


5. CrashCourse

This channel provides small and detailed videos about different topics ranging from World War 2 to mythology etc. This channel by its specific playlists on certain selected topics and helpful animations is able to completely analyse and make us informed about multiple details for example about different deities, elements of filmmaking and much more. Check this channel out so as to gain knowledge with which you can impress anyone.

6. AlternateHistory Hub

May it be ‘1984’ or the ‘Disunited States of America’ everyone loves alternates timeline fiction and this channel is expert in that topic. With videos ranging from what if the U.S.A. invaded Japan to explain the world of books like ‘The man in the high castle’ this channel explores the historical events and their causes and alternate scenarios where even the tiniest changes could have led to great changes.



7. The Infographic Show

This YouTube channel is a great source of facts as it has many facts checked and updated videos about debunking many myths. Furthermore, it also provides a detailed analysis between individuals like Donald Trump and an average American using the provided statistical information and a personal favorite, provides videos showcasing the strength of different nations and their recent weapons (jets and tanks) if pitted against each other with latest statistical data about the capabilities of the state and its resources which it can use in war along with a good analysis on possible scenarios, like what if North Korea went to war with U.S.A .


Dont’ forget to check these out.

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