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8 Weired Habits only Indian do on Facebook?


Facebook is the only social media platform with most active users in the World. We Indian are really different from people around the world. That’s why we are everywhere in the World. You can find an Indian in every country, seriously. We Indian have a weird habit that we do on facebook around. Let’s have a look at our activities:-


Originally tagging was made to tag people who all are in the photos or any event happening. But, Indians have a habit of tagging unnecessary people just to get recognised by their friends of friends and for more likes. I would say only one thing,”Just Grow up“.

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2)More Likes, More Stardom

 In India, everybody is fond of likes and comments. The more likes you have on your profile photos, the cooler you are and more stardom you have. We also often personally message people “Yr,photo like kr de and acha sa comment kr de“, and stuff like that. Just keep in mind, create your stardom in real life than in reel life.

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3)Sending friend  request

We often have a habit of sending a request to people whom we don’t even know and whom we haven’t meet in real life. The best thing we Indians do is sending a friend request to every girl we see on facebook. If you think this is false thing, just open and have a look at any girl facebook and will realise it how normal it is for girls to get used to it.

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4)Uploading Private chats

When we Indians are angry or we had a breakup, we have a habit of telling everybody what we are feeling on Facebook. In this anger, we often end up uploading our facebook private chats which are completely stupid!

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5)Chatting with an unknown girl

Talking to an unknown girl for the first time, Nobody can beat Indians in this.When we Indians finally succeed in accepting a request by an unknown girl, we have only a few things to say, “I think I have seen you”,”Can we be good friends?”,”I like your profile picture”,”I don’t use facebook much, are you on what’s app”. I should say, because of this Mark Zuckerberg bought What’s App.

6)Changing Relationship status

We Indians often change our relationship status, and we should be proud of doing this because it is the very challenging thing a person can do on facebook as we are connected to our parents and relative on Facebook. The story doesn’t ends here, even after doing this some people admit it and some give a tremendous reply “Yr, esa kuch nahi hai, bs dare mila tha“. I would say, played well.

7) Amazing Bio of Us

Facebook profile Bio was made to give a description of yourself and about your things like work, place study etc. Here also, we Indians have our own way dealing with it with our own Bio created like “Worked at prince/princess never works”, “Worked at Full ash on daddy’s cash”,”Worked at VellaPanti at its Best” and the best award goes to “Worked at Facebook”. I would say to all of these people “Kyu, facebook ki le raho ho yrr”

8) Some Cripy Prefix

We have seen many jokes on facebook on adding a prefix to your name like “Angel”,”Prince”,”Princess”,”hbk”,”Jat” and still research is going for more prefix. Well, I would love to know the reason for this.




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  1. That was really some good reasearch you got there😂😂…but anyways how much we deny this saddening but hillarious fact….this is what makes us indian.

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