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Why College hostel life is far better than PG for student?


College hostels are the place where a person not only study but also takes a lot of memories with him. A time where you met some great people spent the best part of life with them. From having mess food to bunking classes there is a great and sweet journey behind all this. Somewhere after 8 to 10 years when you look back to your old albums, then you realise that you spent a great time of your life in Hostel.       

          1.A New kick starts to your life

All around 18 years of life, you come across many phases of your life.  Some moments might be the best and some may not as glorious that you expected it to happen but nevermind now this is the perfect time to kick start to life once again, get engaged in all new stuff, amazing place and people too.

            2.Festival Celebrations

We all know India is a land of the cultural festival. We still remember school celebration where we used to take part in and even if we don’t our teachers were there to force us. Those lovely memories we can’t forget as we can’t compare school life with college. In colleges also, these celebration happens but at the bigger level where you across people whom you haven’t seen.We meet people of different part of our country sharing experience with each other. The best part comes when we compare our places we live. Those instant replies “Bhai Yrr, mai to jail se aya hu”, “Bhai yrr,mera city sabse bekr hai, acha hua yaha aa gya, ab yahi job karunga” etc.

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         3.Birthday Bash/Bomb at sharp 12:00

Birthdays are the best days in everyone’s life. Those surprise from friends and families, facebook, whats app bees every second are the best feeling. But in college life has a different way of celebrating it, when the clock strikes 12 at night, a knock is heard at your room door. It is none other than a mob who is ready with cake, egg, sleepers or whatever stuff that comes into their hand. So best of luck to people who are going to college in a few years, Get ready…!


        4.Meeting People From East to West

Gone are days where we used to ask our mates, “In which area do you know?”. In college, the question changes to “Which city are you from?”.Yes, we meet people of a different culture around the states.

           5.Adjustment & Management

This is something that we learn only when someone steps out from their home and where things are not easy as they look. Adjustment, compatibility and management are something that you can’t learn overnight.  These qualities develop as you share the living under a common roof with someone.


            6.Group Study

“SEMESTERS” the time when you are the most genius person a night before exams and you are wondering back of your head “ Am I really intelligent or is there any superpower inside me that lightens up during semesters”.  Group study can be very effective if taken seriously.

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