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5 things you don’t know about UK(London)?


Great Britain has been already a great place to live in the world. That’s why many Europeans migrate to UK. With full of benefits and peace around, everyone loves this place and the most loved place is the capital city London. The UK government spend a lot for their people to give them the best lifestyle they can have.

Here are the coolest things you might don’t know:-

1. Free School 

If you are a UK national, then you don’t need to pay for your Child education. We all have seen in movies that food is being distributed in school for student which is free. Whichever school they go, its absolutely free for them.

2. Student Finance for University

As we all know studying in a UK university can be expensive for everyone. And for UK students who haven’t even paid a penny for his education, how would aspect that they can bear a total of 9,000 pounds per year of tuition fees. Here also, UK government acts like a helping hand for them. UK government provides Student finance to student who wants to pursue their graduation in a UK university. Student finance gives them 9,000 pounds each year for their graduation.

3. Entertainment

As we know, UK is an expensive country to live and London more expensive. If we talk about watching a movie, it will cost you around 10 pounds, but if you went for a membership, you will be shocked to know, only 17 pounds per month.Yes!, with a month membership you can watch as many as movies you want to watch.

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4. Sex Gender

In some countries, it is prohibited to determine the sex of an unborn child. The story is different in developed countries like US, UK etc it is legal. These countries people doesn’t have desire among a boy or a girl.

5. Only 18!

UK has very strict rules for teenagers. If you are planning to study in London or any part of UK for your graduation then below 18 rule can land you in problems. If you are under 18, you can’t enter Club or a Bar, you can’t Smoke. If you do a part time, your salary will be low and will not be allowed to work after 10 at night.

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