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7 things you don’t know about Universities in London if you are an Indian?


We all have dreamt of studying or working abroad once in our lifetime. It adds a new chapter in our life. New people, new environment, and peace. That’s the reason Indians are everywhere in the world. If you are studying in a college, then this post is for you. You can’t go without reading this article what differ Indian Colleges from UK universities. Here students have only one thing in mind “MY LIFE, MY RULES”.

So here we go:-


UK universities have their own night clubs for their students. We Indians haven’t even think of a nightclub in our college,  a good Canteen is enough for us.


In India, if we look at various colleges. there are separate hostels for girls and boys, but the story is not as same as in UK. There are common Halls for both girls and boys and they share common kitchen also. Your wish whatever you do, even if you come late like 2 A.M at night, nobody is going to question you.

boys and girls


3. Less Study and More Fun

If we look at colleges in India, we have classes in from Monday to Saturday, I know A burden that to also from morning to evening.  If we talk about UK, students have classes only 12-14 hours in a week so we can spot a big difference. So if you are planning to study here, then Cheers!Enjoy your life.


4. Attendance Monitor

India still lacks behind technology. Colleges and schools have a register maintained for attendance, old fashioned stuff. Well if we talk about UK, they have computer systems that detect attendance, you simply have to tap for attendance. This is a great way to escape and bunk your class if you tapped already. Cool!

pack up

5. NO Celebrations and Functions!

As in India, we celebrate every festival and celebration with dance and music, forming groups and performing on the stage. These things doesn’t happen in UK Universities.  No group performance, nothing. So Sad for people who a likes these activities.


6. Teachers Favourite student

In India, we all know there is at least one student of a teacher which we call “favourite Student”  whom we all are jealous of. Here is different story in University and colleges, teachers don’t even ask your name, Hahaha!,so there is not anything like Teacher’s favourite student.

SoulPancake crying teacher tears emotions

7. No Respect!

As we all know that,  India is know for the people who respect Elders and teachers, unlike other countries. As usual, students can call their professor by their name and they do in most of the European countries.

no respect

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