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How to Switch Adsene Account on Google Blogger?


Google Blogger is the first option for people when they start blogging for the first time.Goole Blogger is a free platform where you don’t need to buy a web hosting plan from the hosting company.The second challenge people face is getting approved by Google Adsense.

After getting approved by Adsense, it is difficult to switch between other current approved Adsense account.There is a switch option where you can change your AdSense account, if you are trying this option then trust me brother, you are wasting your time.It won’t work.

switch adsense

Adding An Admin

What you can do is add an author to your blog and switch your account.In detail, you just need to go to  Setting->Basic, just scroll down to Permission.

Admin Blogger

Next, add the account to which you want to switch Adsense with by inviting it.After you accept the invitation from your Gmail mail, go back to your blogger Id and make the new account which you added as ADMIN and you are Done!.

After this step, you just need to login to bloggers from your new account, and then click on Switch Adsense account. This time you will be able to switch your AdSense account as you are logged in with your Adsense account.


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